A national program to bring cybersecurity education into the classroom

Educate 40,000 teachers by 2021 on how to introduce cyber to their students

Cyber Educators International (CEI) will give educators the necessary tools, to provide their students an understanding and the critical thinking skills required to address the current and emerging issues in Cyber Security. CEI is an industry driven initiative supporting a global community of educators with key cybersecurity resources. It is one of the only membership organizations available for cyber educators to collaborate, equip, and empower themselves with the cyber educational tools and resources needed to prepare students for career opportunities in cybersecurity.

What it is:

A platform that gives teachers, students and parents the tools needed to create a skilled cyber workforce.

CEI offers a platform and resources that:

  • Enables faster and more effective development of cyber educators
  • Provides access to resources that enhance the cybersecurity teaching & learning experience
  • Facilitates the growth in the number of cyber educators
  • Creates value & synergies by connecting the cyber educator ecosystem including industry and government resources
  • Recognizes the uniqueness of cyber education


Industry Cyber and STEM leaders sponsor teachers, students and parents on a journey and introduces them to the world of “in demand” high-paying cyber careers.

Teacher Journey

Play a direct and critical role in creating the Cyber Generation by sponsoring educators with the Cyber Teacher Professional Development Certificates in strategic regions throughout the U.S.

Student Journey

Sponsor students for CyberIQ Challenges consisting of four phases from basic level cyber awareness and each of the levels present questions of increasing difficulty. As students progresses through challenges they gain access to the next level. Students will discover and quantify the cyber aptitude, experience, skill, knowledge and technical breadth of the participants then provide companies with a non-traditional 24/7 recruitment engine and branding vehicle to fill the ever-growing resource needs in technology and cyber.

Parent Journey

My Cyber Journey is a personal career management platform that helps parents develop a pathway for their daughter or son to the most in-demand careers in Cybersecurity. Along their journey together, parent’s will discover things they didn’t know about their daughter’s or son’s passions, principles and personality traits.


Provides sponsoring companies realtime reporting
on teacher and student impact in their communities. Your Company will give them a valuable tool to explore in-demand cybersecurity careers from the iconic brands of the world to include Lockheed Martin, Cisco and others, all while being guiding monthly by the Your Company’s mentor.


Immediately bring Cybersecurity into the classroom

The Online Cyber Educator Program includes the following

  1. Interactive Cyber Educator LifeJourney providing new teachers best practices from the nation’s leading instructors
  2. Fundamentals of Cyber - An adaptive learning course to teach teachers the basics of Cyber
  3. Cyber curriculum and worksheets used by the nation’s leading STEM teachers
  4. Day of Cyber classroom experience to run in class with students
  5. 8 clock hours of CEUs (continuing education units)
  6. Day of Cyber Certificate and Community




Sponsoring cyber educators is an easy and direct way for you to make an impact

Support America's Students

Potential interns, grads, and employees

Provides a pathway for you to contribute to solving the nation's cyber skills crisis by inspiring students to pursue tomorrow's emerging, challenging, in-demand, and high-paying careers in cyber.

Visible Cyber Leadership

Introduction in Schools

As a sponsor, students and teachers in your designated community will gain awareness of your company's cyber leadership as they journey through the Day of Cyber experience. Your logos on the course curricula will proudly remind the students of your interest and support of cyber education -- a reminder that will stay with them as they make career decisions.

Support American Families

Cyber Educators International

Enables your company to play a direct and critical role in enabling access to the technology and tools families need to connect with their future careers.

Support America's Teachers

Teachers receive a course curriculum

Enables your company to play a direct and critical role in creating the Cyber Generation by enabling access to the technology and tools teachers need to bring into their classroom. Your logo on the Cyber Teacher's Certificate will be a prominent and enduring reminder of your corporate support.

  • I am looking forward to leading a global group of CISOs and CSOs to rapidly provide teachers and educators with the tools they need to advance interest and skills in cyber security careers

    Ed Goetz

    CEO of Cyber Educators International

  • SINET is proud to support the mission of Cyber Educators International (CEI) and help build the Cyber Generation. This mission begins with supporting our educators, so they have the tools needed to help their students pursue careers in Cybersecurity

    Robert Rodriguez

    Chairman & Founder of SINET

  • CEI will bring together 1,000’s of teachers that have already led cyber in their classrooms with teachers that are just beginning that journey. These pioneering educators will accelerate their collaboration and build a community for teachers where global educators can find resources and share best practices

    Steve Morrill

    Cyber Science Loyola Blakefield High School in Baltimore, MD


Now it's time to make a difference for teachers

What is the Cyber Educator Certificate?


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